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We are now one month away from the launch of the EOS main net. It’s time to get excited and start paying attention.

I’m starting this podcast and website because I’m excited about and interested in the EOS technology. I believe that it will change the world for the better and I would love to help more people get involved and understand.

However, I’m a noob myself so I don’t have all the answers. I’m going to bring on people who are experts on EOS, blockchain and cryptocurrencies to tell the rest of us what is going on!

If you are an EOS token holder, you will have the power to vote on the block producers coming up at the beginning of June. Personally, I have no idea how that will actually work.

So, I plan to interview people to tell us all about the voting process as well as the entire launch.

There will be hundreds or even thousands of distributed applications built on EOS and many of them are already in the works. I will also bring on people working on those apps so you can hear about the exciting future of what EOS will enable through the power of blockchain technology.

Stay tuned for the launch!